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정가 32,000원
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배송료 3,500원 (※ 30,000원이상이면 무료입니다.)

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190×257mm | 208 페이지 | 32,000원 | 2021년 8월 18일 발행
The Basics
What are Buttercream Flower Cakes 9
Tools and Materials 10
Making a Carrot Cake 12
Making Buttercream 14
Icing the Cake 16
Coloring the Buttercream 17
Decorating Tips & Piping Bags 18

Basic Piping 23
Roses 24
Apple Blossoms 26
Lamb’s Ear 28

Floral Arrangement 29
Blossom Arrangement 30
Dome Arrangement 32
Wreath Arrangement 34
Crescent Arrangement 36

Let’s Start with Level A
Anemone 40
Cherry Blossom 44
Dogwood 48
Daisy 52
Freesia 56
HyperIcum 60
Cosmos 64
Pansy 68
Raspberry 72
Ruffle Rose 76
Chrysanthemum 80
Camellia 84

Moving up to Level B
Peony 90
Orchid 94
Magnolia 98
Frangipani 102
Donarium Cherry 106
Pompon Chrysanthemum 110
Ranunculus 114
Lotus Flower 118
Hibiscus 122
Zinnia 126
Helichrysum 130
Hellebore 134
Poinsettia 138
Pine Cone 142

Level C Stands for Challenge
Scabiosa 148
English Rose 152
Narcissus Flower 156
Lily 160
Hydrangea 164
Dahlia 168
Carnation 172
Tulip 176
Calla 180
Gardenia 184
Opium Poppy 188
Sunflower 192
Protea 196
Succulent plant 200


Your Very Own Textbook on Korean-Style Buttercream Flowers!

The world of cake decoration has been in bloom for generations, and buttercream flowers are no exception. But Korean-style buttercream flowers have recently been on the rise for their luster and sturdiness. Stiff enough to allow for more meticulous designs while remaining naturally soft on the eyes despite its shine, Korean buttercream gives room for bakers and artisans to experiment with their craft and imagination. This goes doubly so for buttercream flowers. However, they're tricky to handle, as they must be appealing enough to gaze upon, but also delectable enough to dare eat them off their cake.

Nobody starts off an expert at piping those sweet and rich flora—even those experienced with buttercream can have difficulty with the fine work and attention buttercream flowers require. Luckily for you, Ollicake's Buttercream Flowers is ready to guide you step by step through everything you need to know, from how to pipe a single buttercream flower to how and what each type of flower is best arranged on a cake. With Hyehyun Song's extensive list of written tips and examples, you'll learn how to pipe 40 different flowers with adherence to their structures, and Sekwon Chong's beautiful photos will visually help fill in your understanding of how your flowers should look as you pipe and arrange them. One flip through these pages, and you'll have yourself a handy way to impress loved ones the next time you decorate a cake!

저자 및 역자

Author's IG:

After graduating from university with a degree in visual design, Hyehyun worked as a web designer for eight years, during which she picked up cooking and food styling techniques from Susumu Yonaguni and Jeongmi Oh. As if it were magic, Hyehyun discovered and immediately fell in love with buttercream flowers. Ever since that first day in 2008, Hyehyun and her husband Sekwon,
who has been a photographer for fifteen years, have run Ollicake – a cake boutique and academy – passing on the techniques and know-how to others eager to learn about their world.

Even now Hyehyun has a hard time containing her excitement at the thought of buttercream flowers. It is no wonder her techniques and presentation skills are so widely acclaimed both in Korea and abroad. Her fans across the world are a testament to her trailblazing of a new genre called Korean-style buttercream flowers.


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